1. You must wear the MICS Coordinated dress (no MICS Sports apparel; including uniforms)

2. Make sure they have a hair style the day of their photo that can easily be maintained. We’ll make attempts (with teacher guidance) to straighten unruly hair .

3. Photos will be taken outside around the Campus

4. Even if rain is in the forecast, assume that it will clear and photos will be taken

5. Online access to photos can be found at www.micsphotos.com and will be online by Friday 10/6

6. 10/25 will be the make-up day if your child misses their scheduled time

7. Once your order is placed either by provided order form (coming soon in Thursday folder) or online; expect delivery back to school in two weeks

8. 10/27 is the due date for the Photo Order Form back to school, unless order is done online

Remember School Photos are a large fundraiser for the school too!

Any questions, call us at 704.488.7125 or email contact@straussstudios.com / www.straussstudios.com


Monday Sept 25:   1st-Nels, 1st-Osterndorf, 2nd-Ewart, 3rd-McCaffery, 4th-Mantooth, 4th-Newkirk, 6th-All Students, 9th-Last NamesA-R


Tuesday Sept 26:  1st-Lauer, 1st-Johnston, 2nd-Harris, 3rd-Fortenberry, 4th-Glaser, 4th-Towner, 7th-All Students, 10th-Last Names A-R


Wednesday Sept 27: K-Koester, K-Broome, 2nd-Liebert, 3rd-Prescott, 5th-Moses, 5th-Cook, 8th-All Students, 11th-Last Names A-R


Thursday Sept 28: Gordon, K-Mims, K-Phillips, 2nd-Wicks, 3rd-Thompson, 5th-Rielley,  4th-Thomasson, 9th-Last Names S-Z, 10th-Last names S-Z, 11th- Last Names S-Z